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Mystery Alien - Original PRJT.Mercury Collection

Mystery Alien - Original PRJT.Mercury Collection

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One Random Mystery Color Embroidered Alien Catnip Toy.

Sometimes you mess up, sometimes you try something new 0and it's not the greatest... but your cat doesn't care! This is just for them! The colors might not be perfect but your cat won't notice.

Every toy is sewn in our very own shop, stuffed to order with premium catnip, and hand-finished with springy, cotton jersey tails that measure up to 36 inches long! Your Kitty will love these super interactive and fun toys, prepare for some spaced-out cats!!! Each cat toy is made by me, Rachel from Cinci Made Embroidery (check us out for your human stuff! )

Thanks for checking out my shop! =•́ܫ•̀=

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